All appliance manufacturers recommend that your appliance is serviced annually or sooner subject to use.  The manufacturer may request seals/gaskets and tests be carried out during routine maintenance.  This ensures that your appliance is running safely and efficiently.

Our servicing is more than visual check.  Where applicable the engineer will clean and check the following

  • Burners
  • Fans
  • Main Heat exchanger

The expansion vessel will be checked and recharged if necessary.  All safety devices, gas pressures and working pressures are also checked.  The appliance will then be tested, and the engineer will always ask if you are experiencing any issues with the appliance.

Our engineer will if requested carry out the following

  • reset/ alter programmer settings
  • check all radiators and valves
  • run through how to use the appliance

The engineer may also make recommendations whilst servicing your appliance.

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