Breakdown Cover

Additional Information

We fully appreciate that repairs can be expensive and come at the most inconvenient time.  We offer Heating Protection Plans which include the following

  • Unlimited call outs
  • Includes parts
  • Includes labour
  • Engineers available 365 days a year

To ensure your appliance is running safely and efficiently it includes a service too.

All plan premiums are payable annually or monthly by direct debit.

Full terms & conditions are available on request

* Boilers which are deemed by us as beyond economical repair (where the repair cost is more than 80% of the initial cost price of the boiler) will not be repaired.  The plan does not include the cost of replacement boiler.  A quote will be provided to replace the boiler at a discounted rate.

** Excludes energy management systems 

*** Excludes twin entry or two-way valves

**** Central Heating & Plumbing pipework only covered if easily accessible.  Does not cover costs incurred for finding leaks underfloor or inside the fabric of the building.

! if external to the boiler.

≠ On Plans which cover taps the taps must be easily accessible and will be repaired or replaced with a tap of equal functionality. Designer taps, boiling water taps, and filtered water taps are not covered.

‡ System cleansing (Power flushing) is not covered.  Systems which are deemed by us to be contaminated will need to be treated accordingly and until evidence of this has been provided no further repairs will be carried out.